A Message from the Author and Website Founder,  Lindsey Steward-Goldberg

Welcome to my new site! Here you will learn more about me and my background as a museum professional. My passion for museums began when I was a child and has continued to grow through my experiences, trips, and blog. I decided to create this website in order to share with you all more about my background and to be able to share samples of my work to those interested.

The theme “Looking Back, Moving Forward in Museum Education” is inspired by one of my blog post titles. It accurately describes my career and the museum education field itself. We learn from the past about where the profession began and continue to move forward to find the best way to educate our audiences.

Feel free to explore the pages on my website and if there are any questions or comments please visit the contact page. Thank you for visiting!


Lindsey Steward’s Résumé

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