I created pages on resources I have used and continue to use as a museum professional. Click on each link below to check out what I am reading and who I am following in the museum field.

1.      Books on Museums and Public History

I made a list of books that I have read during college and graduate school on the topics of history, public history, and museums. I also include books I am currently reading on these topics.

2.     Blogs I Follow

Not only do I write my own blog entries, I also read and share other professional blogs.

3.       Magazines and Journals I Read

Here are a list of magazines and articles that I have read and continue to read as a history and museum professional.

4.    Articles I am Reading

These are links to various blog posts, newspapers, websites, etc. discussing various topics in the museum and public history fields.

5.       Organizations I Follow  

Check out organizations in the history, public history, and museum fields I get resources and news from.

6.  Podcasts

I created two lists of podcasts for museums and public history.

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