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The Future of Museum Education

Books I Want to Read on Museum Education in 2017

Responses to the Presidential Election: An American Alliance of Museums Conversation on the Future of Museums

Museum Education Programs: The Challenges of Having Chaperones Be Effective Participants

Professional Development Programs: Managing Your Museum’s Online Reputation and Evaluating Volunteers and Volunteer Programs

Book Review: The Art of Relevance by Nina Simon

Professional Development: Shared Authority and Relevance of Education

How to use Food to Create Relevance in Museums

Museums Advocacy Week: How to Promote Museums Significance in our Nation

Equity and Inclusion in Museums

EdComversations and Journal of Museum Education: Race, Dialogue, and Inclusion

Women Represented in Historical Narrative and Museums

Gender Equity in Museums: An Important Issue that Should Be Addressed

Book Review: Museum Administration 2.0 by Hugh H. Genoways, Lynne M. Ireland, and Cinnamon Catlin-Legutko

Looking Back, Moving Forward: How to Create an Exhibit on Limited Resources

Reactions to MuseumHive: Discussion with Kimberly Drew

UPDATE: Looking Back, Moving Forward

EdComVersation: Developing a Strategy for Inclusion and Diversity

Lunch with NEMA: How to Bring the Community into Exhibit Design Process

Response to Blog: “Museums are places to forget”

Visitor-Centered Museums: How We Can Appeal to Our Audiences

Reaction to Article: Museums transition from institutions of elite to places that “promote humanity”

Reflections on the NYCMER 2017 Conference

How Creativity is Necessary in the Museum

Summertime: Keeping Audiences Coming to Museums

Maker Space: Museums Can Benefit from Having a Creative Space

Reactions to Blog: “9 Ways To Supercharge Your Museum Volunteers”

Reactions to Blog: “Emotionally Charged Spaces”

Museum Hack’s Relevance: Game of Thrones Mini-Tour

Reaction to Museum Magazine: Engaging Visitors

Is Children’s Play Declining? What are Museums Doing to Encourage Playtime

Day at the Museum: Field Trips for Kids and Museum Educators

How Museum Can Gain Visitors’ Attention through Educational Programming: Homeschool and Other Non-Traditional Programming

What I Love the Most About Being a Museum Educator

How Do We Educate Our Students About Charlottesville?

What Can We Learn From the DreamSpace Project?

How to Make Educational Programs Accessible?

Why We Need to Be Prepared: Resources on Preparation for Natural Disasters for Museums

How Education Supplies Are Significant in Museum Programming

Museum and School Partnerships: Why They Are Important for Education

“Leaving the Museum Field”: A Reaction to the Alliance Labs Blog

Museum Education’s Canon: A Focus on Museum Education in Historic House Museums and Science Museums

Planning Education Programs: The Significance of School Program Registrations

Anniversary Special: One Year of Writing about Museum Education

What Can We Learn from International Museums? Encouraging A Global Relationship Between Museums

What Do You See? The Importance of the Visitors’ Perspectives

How to Work with Museum Boards: A Relationship Between the Staff and the Board

Creating an Environment-Friendly World with Museums

How Can I Grow in the Museum Education Field

Online Communities: Why They Are So Important for Museum Professionals

What Museums Hope For 2018

Reflections on Museum Education in 2017