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Our Museum Plans for 2018

What Can We Do About Admission Fees to Our Museums?

What is the Right Fit? A Deeper Analysis of Museum Boards

A Closer Look into Museum Volunteers and Volunteer Programs

How to Find the Balance between Work and Family? An Important Discussion We Need to Acknowledge

What is the Benefit of Museum Partnerships?

How to Handle Trauma, Memory, and Lived Experience in Museums and Historic Sites

What Can We Do to Avoid Fraud?

Response to Alliance Labs: 7 Factors That Drive Museum Wages Down

How to Lead a Professional Development Program: Reflections of My Experience Presenting One on Gender Equity

Museums Prove that Education is for Everyone

The Past is in the Past? A Closer Look into Public History

Where You Lead, I Will Follow: The Importance of the Leader-Follower Relationship in Museums

The Importance of Education Management in Museums

Patreon Request: Museum Impressions, Plimoth Plantation

Education Programming: How Important Flexibility is in School Programs

Reaction: The Cost of Museum Work

Significant Resources in the Museum Field

What are the Best Practices for Historic House Museums?

To Capture or Not to Capture: The Long Debate About Photography in Museums

Social Media Journalists at Conferences: My Experience As One At NYCMER 2018

Patron Request: People’s Experiences during the Great Depression

Why Self-Care is Important for Museum Educators

Patron Request: Does History Repeat Itself? A Discussion About This Concept

How We Can Show Policymakers and Teachers Our Museums’ Potential as Educational Resources

Mentorships: Why It Is Significant for Museum Educators

Museums Are Not Neutral: A Discussion on Why There is No Museum Neutrality in Museum Education

Museum Leadership: What We Need To Do To Develop Our Skills in the Museum Field

What Grants Mean for Museums

Planning a Summer Program: My Experience Creating a Summer Camp Program

Patron Request: History and Museums Interpreted Through Children’s Media

Reaction: The Value of Small Museums

Summer Memories, and How to Prepare for the Upcoming School Year

Reaction: The Importance of Structured Interviews

Patron Request: Museum Impressions, Abigail Adams Birthplace

Global Perspectives on Museums

Museums vs. The Couch: How Museums Can Retain Relevance and Visitation

Patron Request: Museum Impressions, Salem Witch Museum

Special Blog Post: The 100th Blog Post

How Museums Are Looking Back and Moving Forward

Reaction: Me vs. Us Museum Leadership

Recap: The 100th Annual New England Museum Association Conference

Patron Request: Museum Impressions, John F. Kennedy Hyannis Museum

Reaction: Giving Tuesday & Low Salaries in Museums

Patron Request: Museums I Would Like To Visit

Moving Forward in 2019 for Museum Education

Books I Want to Read in 2019