Education and Interpretation

The following are articles and resources I have read on the topic of museum education and interpretation. If there is a resource you do not see here that was on this page, please contact me here.

  1. Boston 1775, “A Fifth of November Wagon Rolls Again”:
  2. Journal of the American Revolution, “Slavery through the Eyes of Revolutionary Generals”:
  3. Ben Franklin’s World, Episode 159: The Revolutionary Economy,
  4. Alliance Labs Blog, Learning by Design:
  5. Teaching History in Troubled Times:
  6. Digital Citizenship Lessons For Everyone:
  7. Brilliant Idea Studio, “Inclusive Interpretation Tips #museums”:
  8. Facing Today, Facing History and Ourselves Blog, “Help Your Students Reflect on the Tragic Las Vegas Shooting”:
  9. How a Museum Garden Connects Community:
  10. ExhibiTricks: A Museum/Exhibit/Design Blog, “The Value of Museums: New Research Findings from Susie Wilkening”:
  11. Alliance Labs, “Why Museums Should Care About Young Children”:
  12. The Guardian, “America has done a terrible job of telling the truth about racism”:
  13. The Uncataloged Museum, “Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained”:
  14. Usable Knowledge, “Undocumented and Educated: Helping students and families navigate their opportunities, amid the realities of immigration policy in the United States”:
  15. Museum Questions, “What do teachers gain from professional development at an art museum?”:
  16. Getting Smart, “8 Things to Look For in a Student-Centered Learning Environment”: