Education and Interpretation

The following are articles and resources I have read on the topic of museum education and interpretation. If there is a resource you do not see here that was on this page, please contact me here.

  1. Museum Education Roundtable, Yes, and… Comfort and Discomfort in Museum Guide Programs:
  2. Mobile Maker Space Gives Students Access To Design, Technology:
  3. You Want “Free” Museums? Then Show Me The Money!:
  4. Museum Notes, Education Committees: Stage-by-Stage:
  5. How Museums Are Becoming More Sensory-Friendly For Those With Autism:
  6. Play and Learning: What can children tell us?:
  7. Envisioning the Accessible Future of Peer Review:
  8. Institute of Museum and Library Services, Apply for a Grant:
  9. Hear UR Podcast:
  10. This School Set Inside A City Museum is Redefining Education:
  11. Managing Interpreters: Presentations as Road Maps:
  12. The African American Firefighter Museum’s MAP Experience:
  13. the incluseum, Whiteness and Museum Education:
  14. What determines which objects you see in history museums?:
  15. Boston 1775, “A Fifth of November Wagon Rolls Again”:
  16. Teaching History in Troubled Times:
  17. Digital Citizenship Lessons For Everyone:
  18. Brilliant Idea Studio, “Inclusive Interpretation Tips #museums”: