Public History

Public History shares various links related to the public history topic. If there is a resource you do not see here that was on this page, please contact me here.

  1. The Legend of the Charter Oak:
  2. The New York Times, Holocaust Is Fading From Memory, Survey Finds:
  3. How to be a Revolutionary War Spy Master:
  4. Which New Audiences? A Great Washington Post Article and its Implications about Age, Income, and Race:
  5. The Greatest Showman: The True Story of P.T. Barnum and Jenny Lind:
  6. Paper and Provisions: Christopher Leffingwell and Connecticut during the American Revolution:
  7. The New York Times, Historic Church to Be New Home for Children’s Museum of Manhattan:
  8. Mount Vernon Inn Restaurant Recipe, Chocolate Cream:
  9. The Unorthodox Fight to Save a Frank Lloyd Wright Home:
  10. A Long-Overdue Rehab for One Alaskan Longhouse:
  11. Philadelphia Public History Truck:
  12. History at Home in the Tenement Museum:
  13. Integrating the Past Into the 21st Century: 21c Museum Hotel:
  14. Preservation Personals: Connecticut Saltbox Offers Privacy and Delightful Views:
  15. New Years’ Cakes: Original Recipe:
  16. Smithsonian, World War I: 100 Years Later The Story of the WWI Christmas Truce:
  17. Opening of Secret UN Archive Yields New Holocaust Revelations:
  18. Digital Farmington, The Service of Africans from Connecticut in the American Revolution:
  19. Good Black News, Madam C.J. Walker’s “Villa Lewaro” Estate in New York Protected as National Treasure with Preservation Easement:
  20. Smithsonian, Untouched, Century-Old Fruitcake Found In Antarctica: