Visitor Experience

Visitor Experience shares links about the visitor experience in museums. If there is a resource you do not see here that was on this page, please contact me here.

  1. 4 Ford’s Theatre Programs that Aren’t Just for Kids… or for Washingtonians!:
  2. Sleepovers? Feminist tours? Custom beer? Museums get creative to engage new audiences:
  3. Museums should be free to everyone, regardless of where they live or how much they earn:
  4. Washington Post, An amusement-park ride at the museum? Technology makes visitors part of the exhibits:
  5. Visitor identifies plant decorating medieval chest:
  6. Virtual Reality and Van Gogh collide-technology is turning museums into a booming industry:
  7. Alliance Labs, “Some thoughts on visitor exhibition patterns”:
  8. The Disengaged: Community Engagement, part III:
    1. See also the first two parts here:
  9. Brilliant Idea Studio, “The Role of Relevancy and Museum (Data)”:
  10. TechCo, “How Portland’s Startup Ecosystem Strives for Inclusion”:
  11. “Exhibit allows virtual ‘interviews’ with Holocaust survivors”:
  12. Medium, Audience Development: The Long Haul Model:
  13. Alliance Labs, “Membership Isn’t the Top of the Mountain”:
  14. Wilkening Consulting, “The Parent Bubble: Parents, part II”:
  15. Wilkening Consulting, “Older Adults: Unexpectedly under-served audience?”:
  16. Wilkening Consulting, “Young Adults and Social Nature of Museums”:
  17. colleendilenschneider, “Admission Discounts Negatively Impact Long-Term Visitation (DATA)”:
  18. “Who Counts? Grappling with Attendance as a Proxy for Impact”, Museum 2.0
    Article from 2013 about the actual impact museum attendance have on visitors.
  19. Visitor Centered Museums in Practice and its Future”
    A conversation between Lath Carlson and Seema Rao on visitor-centered museums.
  20. “How Do You Inspire Visitors to Take Action After They Leave?”, Museum 2.0