Museum Education

The following blog posts are on specific museum education topics including but not limited to developing museum programs and museum-school partnerships.

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Back to School During a Pandemic

Reflections on Museum Education Since COVID Arrived in the United States Part 1

Museum Educator: A Vital Role in the Museum-Community Partnership

Museum Education Programs: The Challenges of Having Chaperones Be Effective Participants

Day at the Museum: Field Trips for Kids and Museum Educators

Planning Education Programs: The Significance of School Program Registrations

Museum Education’s Canon: A Focus on Museum Education in Historic House Museums and Science Museums

Museum and School Partnerships: Why They Are Important for Education

How Education Supplies Are Significant in Museum Programming

How Education Theory is Used in Museums

Museum Education Challenges: Why We Need Museum Educators

Curiosity about History: What Does this Mean for Museum Educators?

The History of Museum Educators: Why the Role Is Important Today

The History of Museum Educators, Part Two: Children’s Museums

Summer Memories, and How to Prepare for the Upcoming School Year  

Planning a Summer Program: My Experience Creating a Summer Camp Program

Museums Are Not Neutral: A Discussion on Why There is No Museum Neutrality in Museum Education

Mentorships: Why It Is Significant for Museum Educators

How We Can Show Policymakers and Teachers Our Museums’ Potential as Educational Resources

Education Programming: How Important Flexibility is in School Programs

Is Children’s Play Declining? What are Museums Doing to Encourage Playtime

Maker Space: Museums Can Benefit from Having a Creative Space

Summertime: Keeping Audiences Coming to Museums

Interpretation: The Importance of Storytelling in Museum Programs

Art and History Museum Perspectives on Storytelling

How Creativity is Necessary in the Museum